## READ ME FIRST ## How to Use This Practice Exam

Welcome to the second official JITL Practice Exam for the CCNA!

JITL Academy runs on a platform called Teachable. While Teachable does support graded quizzes, those quizzes only support text - no diagrams.

A good CCNA practice exam needs network diagrams, CLI output, etc. So, I have adapted these practice exams to the Teachable platform as follows:

  • The Answer Sheet uses Teachable's quiz function to let you mark your answers.
    • You will get a score X/100 after you finish the exam.
  • Each question is a separate 'lesson'.
  • Each question's explanation is also a separate 'lesson'.

Below I will explain:

  1. How to use the answer sheet.
  2. How to navigate through the exam questions
  3. How I recommend using this exam.

*These instructions are the same as in my CCNA Practice Exam 1, but I will include them here just in case:

Using the Answer Sheet

  • The Answer Sheet is in the navigation bar. Open it in a separate browser tab (right click on Answer Sheet in the navigation bar on the left to open it in a new tab).
    • If you have two monitors, move the Answer Sheet to the second monitor.
  • Mark your answers in the Quiz Area. If a question requires you to select multiple answers, that will be stated in the question (ie. select two).
  • After you have marked your answers, click on Check to check if your answer was correct or not. This button will not appear until you have selected an answer.
    • If a question requires you to select multiple answers, you must select all of them or it will not be counted as a correct answer.
    • After clicking on Check the button will change to Continue. Click on that to move to the next question.
    • Do not click Complete and Continue in the top right or underneath the quiz. This will cause you to leave the Answer Sheet screen and reset your answers.

Navigating through Exam Questions

  • To access each exam question, use the navigation bar.
    • Alternatively, each question has a link: jitl.jp/ccna-exam2-qX (X is the question number)
  • Read the question and select your answer using the answer sheet you opened in another tab.
    • If you must select multiple answers, that will be stated in the question.
  • (optional) If you want to view the correct answer and read the explanation, click answer/explanation under the question.
    • Alternatively, each answer/explanation has a link: jitl.jp/ccna-exam2-qXa (X is the question number).
  • After you have selected your answer using the Answer Sheet, click on Complete and Continue in the top right or under the question to move to the next question.
    • Do not click Complete and Continue on the Answer Sheet, only on the question pages.
  • There are lab questions in this exam which require you to download and open a Packet Tracer file. You need Packet Tracer version 8.2 or above to open the files.
    • You can download Packet Tracer here (login required).

How to Use This Exam

This exam covers all exam topics on the CCNA in proportion to their weight in the exam topics list:

  • 1.0 Network Fundamentals - 20%
  • 2.0 Network Access - 20%
  • 3.0 IP Connectivity - 25%
  • 4.0 IP Services - 10%
  • 5.0 Security Fundamentals - 15%
  • 6.0 Automation and Programmability - 10%

You should only use this exam after you have studied all of the exam topics from at least one study resource. For example:

  • My CCNA course
  • Someone else's CCNA course
  • Books (ie. the Official Cert Guide, Volume 1 and Volume 2 by Wendell Odom).

Each question includes an answer/explanation page, but the first time you do the exam I recommend simulating the real CCNA exam environment:

  • Do not look at the answers/explanations.
  • Do not use any study materials/notes during the exam.
  • Do not use a calculator.
  • Set a timer for 2 hours (2 hours and 30 minutes if English is not your native language).
  • Do all of the questions in order from 1 to 100, and do not go back to previous questions.
  • You can use a pen/paper (for example, to help with subnetting).

After you have done the exam once following the above rules, you can then go back through the exam again and check the answers/explanations.

Note: Although I tried to simulate the difficulty of the real CCNA exam, it is impossible for me to match it exactly. If you get a high score on this practice exam on your first attempt, I think you will be ready for the real CCNA exam, but I cannot make any guarantees.

*After you have already taken this exam once and checked the answers/explanations, further attempts at this exam will no longer be an accurate measure of your abilities. You can still use it to review important exam topics, but don't take this practice exam over and over until you get 100% and then assume you are ready for the real CCNA exam.

Good luck on the exam! I hope this practice exam helps you understand your current level and weak points, and helps you prepare to take on the real CCNA exam.

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